Keith Dunham


   (512) 773-8088

In April 2018 Keith sold the brokerage Homecity Real Estate to Better Homes and Gardens. In October of 2018, Keith was also involved in the Tech Spinoff Opcity. Opcity was sold to for 210 million. With the assistance of Ben Rubenstein, David Rubin, and Michael Lam we were able to take the lead process that we created within Homecity and create Opcity. Keith has started a new venture called Empower which enables Real Estate agents and clients to receive World Class service for the closing and moving process. “After 16 years as the Director of Operations at MCI/Verizon, Keith Dunham left the telecommunications industry to focus on real estate technology. He successfully started the Austin branch of Zip Realty before joining HomeCity as the CEO in 2011. Since then, he’s used his acquired leadership skills and knowledge to transform the company into a powerful, technology-driven brokerage, with an undeniable edge on the competition. By merging cutting edge technology with powerful business strategies, Keith continues to redefine the Texas Real Estate landscape. This was best displayed with his innovative involvement of Opcity.”