Kimberly Lewis

Transaction Coordinator 


Kimberly Lewis is a United States Marine Corps Veteran and a California native. She started her Real Estate career in 2003 as a Transaction Coordinator.  With 17+ years of real estate experience, she manages a transaction load of 75+ per month and has vast experience in working with high-end luxury buyers and sellers.  Kim is highly motivated and known for her exceptional attention to detail and vast knowledge of systems and software. She served brokerages in the Austin, Texas area such as KW-SWMC, GOLDWASSER, HOMECITY BHGRE, ERA COLONIAL.

What Kimberly’s Clients Say

KIMBERLY LEWIS is THE BEST transaction coordinator EVER!! She has helped our Real Estate business. She has enabled us to do more transactions and create more business.

Veronica Delgado, REALTOR

In 2020 I went back into full-time real estates sales, after 20 years in management positions. The last thing I wanted to do was learn about all of the “back end” administrative processes that were in place with the big name brand I affiliated with!! Enter, Kimberly with Empower Transactions–and my life was changed overnight, literally!! Empower hires only the very best contract to close professionals, and I felt like I struck gold with Kimberly! My very successful first year back in production would not have been possible without the professionals at Empower Transactions!

Mona Crum, REALTOR

Kimberly is the best transaction coordinator I have worked with over at Empower. She is courteous, thorough, detail-oriented, and stays on top of things anticipating both my clients and my needs throughout the transaction and beyond. I could not recommend Kimberly and Empower Transaction Services more highly as they are an excellent value in the marketplace.

I highly recommend Kimberly and attribute her services as an absolutely critical component of my success.

Stacey Ivicic, REALTOR

I can’t say enough about how appreciative I am of Kimberly’s services! Since using Kimberly as my transaction coordinator my business has been more organized on the back end and it has freed up hours in my weekly schedule for me to spend more time prospecting. Kimberly’s experience in transaction management shows daily as she is always on top of my files before I even have a chance to stress over them. It would be hard to imagine my business running this smooth without her! Thanks, Kimberly!

Rylan Clark

Kimberly is an awesome transaction manager! She has helped me stay so organized. She doesn’t miss a beat. Instead of worrying about my required paperwork, deadline dates, or what I might be overlooking; I can focus on my business. Anytime I need an extra hand, Kimberly provides me the support I need to help get my transactions closed!

Heather Jackson

I have sold residential property since 1998. During that time I sold hundreds of homes, some with a transaction manager and some without. Without hesitation, Kimberly is the best transaction manager I have experienced yet. Not only is she proactive, but she also has the ability to juggle multiple transactions at once. She is always ready, willing, and able to assist in any manner, not just with the immediate transaction. She can handle difficult situations and difficult personalities with ease. I highly recommend Kimberly as a transaction manager!

Jeanette Geron

Working with Kimberly has been life-changing and such an advantage to my business. I simply can’t believe how I ever managed without her. When Kimberly started working on my files, my schedule became free to drive business and spend more time with my clients and on my own personal life.

Kimberly works tediously to make sure all of my documents, deadlines, and communications are in order throughout the contract to close process. Her engagement is positive, professional, timely, and thorough. She assists with calendar deadlines and just really makes my least favorite parts of the process an absolute breeze!!

I highly recommend Kimberly and attribute her services as an absolutely critical component of my success.

Brenda Burke 
Texas Realtor