Rachael Bridgham

Listing Coordinator

  (407) 579-6083


For over 5+ years, Rachael has been a noteworthy leader in the real estate space. You may know her from her work as the Director of Operations at the Iron Gate Team, but Rachael can also be credited with contributions to Bridgewell Capital, Delta Airlines, and Hilton Hotels.

Rachael has been told she is the glue to the team, the guru in all things real estate. She holds Transaction Coordinating certifications from Monica Reynolds Perfect Real Estate Assistant, Transaction Coordinating Academy, Virtual Transaction Coordinator for Real Estate Agents, and currently resides in Orlando, FL.

She manages many agents, new and experienced. Rachael makes sure everyone is in compliance with the brokerage and prioritizes urgent items. While with her real estate teams, she has helped assist in agents selling 5-7 homes (starting out), to 40+ homes per year. She designed and formulated the organization’s policies, procedures, training, support, and systems. Every day is different, and always an adventure!

What Rachael’s Clients Say

Rachael’s work ethic from day one through the two years I had the opportunity of working with her was always high dedication and passion for learning and doing the best for our clients. She has a level of the heart for the business that makes you think it’s her business and not a job supporting agents. She has the ability to multitask and juggle supporting multiple agents which included the team lead with extremely high volumes of sales on his own. I think Rachael will make a wonderful addition to anyone’s team!!

Trevin Perez, REALTOR

Rachael has been a huge help to me and my business. She has been amazing in making my transactions headache-free. She is very professional and super responsive with every listing. I look forward to working with her and her team every time. I highly recommend her to any agent looking to scale and grow their Real Estate business.

Alan Proano, REALTOR

Rachel is very kind and professional. She does quality work all the time. I’ve never worked with someone better at her job than she. She will be an asset to any company.

Cathy Butler, REALTOR

Rachael is always there to help! From day one when I was in the office, she was there for any help, technical, clerical, anything. If she is on your yam you will see immediate benefits and great work!

Phil Herman, REALTOR

Rachael has a work ethic and a lot of dedication! It is always a pleasure to work with her. Her energy is contagious.

Sheryl Cury, REALTOR